Friday, September 28, 2007

Sunday, September 17

Start: Hualupai Lodge at Diamond Creek
End: Jen and Russ's house in LA

This was another instance where we really motored to reach our destination early. As previously reported, we weren't able to visit the Canyon on this trip, so that will wait for another day.

We left the lodge at around 7:30 and were back on Route 40 before 8:15. MM was playing with the Sirius trying to find pregame coverage for the Giants and Packers. We didn't stop for lunch and actually only stopped once for gas so intent were we on getting to our new home in LA. We were unsuccesful as by 10 am local, when we switched to the station that said it had the feed from The Fan all we heard was an insane sounding woman yelling, "My momma has a fig tree!" Interesting.

Once we got the radio going, we listened to the Giants get dismantled, the Mets lose another heartbreaker, but the Bears got off to a good start, despite the Bears' announcer describing Sexy Rexy as "a clown in a dunk tank."

The aforementioned one stop was in one of my favorite places on earth, Needles, CA. Home to Snoopy's brother, Spike.

When we finally arrived in Los Angeles, 2838 miles from our start, there were some problems with the house (all of which are now fixed), since we stayed at Jen and Russ's for the evening. But all of that information will have to wait for the Monkey in California blog, which you can see for yourself doesn't exist.

Thanks for reading and your patience...Damien

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